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Packing Machine Series

Packing machine

Product Introduction
Main innovations:
Double-station cartoning machine, double-station cartoning and cardboard delivery, the whole machine adopts 8 servo motors to realize control, the stable speed is less than 10 boxes per minute, the mechanical gripper uses suction cups and fixtures, suitable for glass bottles and infusion bottles , Naked bottles, foam trays. Suitable for grabbing heavy objects or objects of opposite sex.
Product advantage
Technical parameters
Production capacityLess than 600 (box/hour)
Manipulator grasping production capacityDouble manipulators each 12 (times/minute)
Sealing methodTape sealing or hot melt adhesive sealing
Carton sizeMinimum300*250*200mm            
Power supplyPower supply: AC380/50Hz Power consumption: 7.5kw
Gas sourcePressure: 0.6MPa Air consumption: less than 1 cubic meter/hour
Dimensions (length * width * height)4000*2200*2900mm            
Main materialAluminum alloy, 304 stainless steel

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