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Packing Machine Series

Packing machine

Product Introduction
Main innovations:
1. The palletizing specifications and carton specifications can be adjusted conveniently and accurately when the size changes.
2. With stand-alone independent debugging and production control, output count on the control screen interface, machine running speed adjustment and equipment failure, and other digital, Chinese display and prompts.
3. It has safety protection functions such as carton quality and carton storage detection and monitoring, fault alarm, fault shutdown and emergency shutdown.
4. Packing is smooth, does not damage the appearance of the carton, and the appearance of the finished carton is intact and tidy.
Product advantage
Packing capacity80~500 boxes/minute (related to box size and capacity)        
Packing itemsCarton etc.
Packing itemsAC220V/0.4kw            
Air pressure0.5~0.6Mpa(5~6kg/cm2)            
Air consumption350L/min            
Mechanical DimensionsL2000*W1300*H1900mm            
Mechanical weightAbout 700kg            
Technical parameters

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